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Overall Statistics

Number of active recordings:3,833
Total Leaderboard Points:76,163
Average Leaderboard Points:19.8704276
Average rank:4.4774
Total Points Scored:10,443,398,636
Average Points Scored:2,724,602
Highest Score:8,503,981,000 / Kale / Utsurun Desu: Kawauso Hawaii e Iku (J) / NES-Regulation Play
Total length of all recordings:57:10:54:06
Average length of all recordings:00:21:35
Maximum length of all recordings:22:41:23 / gameboy9 / Final Fantasy V (J) / SNES-Regulation Play
Total Confirmations:5563
Total Confirmations of Active Recordings:4095 / 3833 possible
Confirmation Rate:106.84 %


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