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Game Tournament Company Year Game Type
Out of Gas (U) [!] GB-Regulation Play FCI 1992 Shooter Info Scores
One on One [cr REM][Docs][131] (D64) C64-Regulation Play Electronic Arts 1984 Sports Info Scores
Ordyne (U) TurboGrafx-16-Regulation Play Namco 1989 Shooter Info Scores
Outrun (J) MSX2-Regulation Play Pony Canyon 1988 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Othello (J) MSX1-Regulation Play Pony Canyon 1985 Board Game Info Scores
Operation Secret Storm (U) NES-Regulation Play Color Dreams 1991 REORGANIZING THIS CATEGORY Info Scores
Out of This World (U) [!] SNES-Regulation Play Interplay 1992 Platform Info Scores
Oyoide Tango (J) MSX1-Regulation Play Hal 1984 Arcade Info Scores
Oink! [!] Atari 2600-Regulation Play Activision 1983 Arcade Info Scores
Outrun [cr Triad] (D64) C64-Regulation Play U.S. Gold 1988 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Othello (U) NES-Regulation Play Acclaim 1988 Board Game Info Scores
Out to Lunch (U) SNES-Regulation Play Mindscape 1993 Platform Info Scores
Outlander (U) SNES-Regulation Play Mindscape 1992 Multiple Info Scores
Outlander (U) Genesis-Regulation Play Mindscape 1992 Multiple Info Scores
Out of Control Atari 2600-Regulation Play Avalon Hill 1983 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Omega Race Atari 2600-Regulation Play CBS Electronics 1983 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Oystron (Homebrew) Atari 2600-Regulation Play PD 20 Shooter Info Scores
Off Your Rocker Atari 2600-Regulation Play Amiga 1983 Puzzle Info Scores
On the Ball (U) [!] - Training SNES-Regulation Play Taito 1992 Maze Info Scores
On the Ball (U) [!] - Beginner SNES-Regulation Play Taito 1992 Maze Info Scores
On the Ball (U) [!] - Expert SNES-Regulation Play Taito 1992 Maze Info Scores
On the Ball (U) [!] - Special SNES-Regulation Play Taito 1992 Maze Info Scores
Operation Thunderbolt (U) SNES-Regulation Play Taito 1994 Shooter Info Scores
Operation Logic Bomb (U) [!] SNES-Regulation Play Jaleco 1993 Shooter Info Scores
Oh Mummy! (UK) [ohmummyu] CPC-Regulation Play Amsoft 1984 Maze Info Scores
Oddworld Adventures (UE) [!] GB-Regulation Play GT Interactive 1998 Platform Info Scores
Othello (UE) [!] GB-Regulation Play Tsukuda 1991 Board Game Info Scores
Oil's Well ColecoVision-Regulation Play Sierra 1984 Arcade Adventure: Maze Info Scores
Operation Europe - Path to Victory 1939-1945 (U) [!] Genesis-Regulation Play Koei 1994 Strategy Info Scores
Orb 3D (U) NES-Regulation Play Hi Tech Expressions 1990 Breakout Info Scores
Ogre (1986) (J) MSX2-Regulation Play System Soft 1986 Board Game Info Scores
O'mac Farmer (J) MSX1-Regulation Play Mass Tael 1984 Arcade Info Scores
Oil's Well (J) MSX1-Regulation Play Comptiq 1985 Collect-em-all Info Scores
Out Of This World (UK) [a1] CPC-Regulation Play Reaktor 1987 Shooter Info Scores
Olli and Lissa 3 - The Candlelight Adventure (UK) CPC-Regulation Play Codemasters 1989 Platform Info Scores
Orbitron Apple II-Regulation Play Sirius 1981 Shooter Info Scores
Operation C (U) [!] GB-Regulation Play Ultra Games 1991 Platform Info Scores
Over Horizon (J) NES-Regulation Play Hot-B 1991 Shooter Info Scores
Oscar (U) [!] SNES-Regulation Play Titus 1996 Platform Info Scores
Orc Attack Spectrum-Regulation Play Creative Sparks 1984 Arcade Info Scores
Order of the Griffon (U) TurboGrafx-16-Regulation Play Turbo Technologies 1992 Role Playing Game Info Scores
OutRun (J) TurboGrafx-16-Regulation Play NEC 1990 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Out of this World (U) [!] Genesis-Regulation Play Virgin Games 1992 Platform Info Scores
Overlord (U) NES-Regulation Play Virgin Games 1992 Strategy Info Scores
Over Top [overtop] AES-Regulation Play ADK 1996 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Ogre Battle - The March of the Black Queen (U) [!] SNES-Regulation Play Enix 1994 Strategy Info Scores
One-on-One Basketball Atari 7800-Regulation Play Atari 1987 Sports Info Scores
Obelix Atari 2600-Regulation Play Atari 1983 Platform Info Scores
Off the Wall Atari 2600-Regulation Play Atari 1989 Breakout Info Scores
Othello Atari 2600-Regulation Play Atari 1978 Puzzle Info Scores
Outlaw (AKA GunSlinger) [!] Atari 2600-Regulation Play Atari 1978 Shooter Info Scores
OutRun (W) [!] Genesis-Regulation Play Sega 1991 Racing/Driving Info Scores
OutRunners (U) [!] Genesis-Regulation Play Sega 1994 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Ooze, The (JU) [!] Genesis-Regulation Play Sega 1995 Adventure Info Scores
OutRun 2019 (U) [!] Genesis-Regulation Play Sega 1993 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Osomatsu-kun - Hachamecha Gekijou (J) [c][!] Genesis-Regulation Play Sega 1988 Platform Info Scores
Ottifants, The (UE) [!] SMS-Regulation Play Sega 1993 Platform Info Scores
OutRun (UE) [!] SMS-Regulation Play Sega 1987 Racing/Driving Info Scores
Orguss (JAE) Sega SG-1000-Regulation Play Sega 1984 Shooter Info Scores
Othello (J) Sega SG-1000-Regulation Play Sega 1985 Board Game Info Scores
Operation Thunderbolt (UK) (Cart) CPC-Regulation Play Ocean Software 1990 Arcade Info Scores
Operation Wolf (UK) CPC-Regulation Play Ocean Software 1988 Arcade Info Scores
Olli And Lissa Spectrum-Regulation Play Firebird Software Ltd. 1986 Platform Info Scores
Olli and Lissa - Ghost of Shilmoore Castle (UK) CPC-Regulation Play Firebird Software Ltd. 1987 Platform Info Scores

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