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Game Information:

Name Boulder Dash (U)
Tournament NES-Regulation Play
System Nintendo Entertainment System
Company Data East
Year Released 1990
Type of Game Maze
Competition styleMost points, most stages, least time
Sum - Scores43,166
Average - Scores14,389
Sum - Stages33
Average - Stages11.0
Sum - Length01:28:57.00
Average - Length00:29:39.00
Sum - LB Points36.000
Average - LB Points12.000
Lead Changes1

NOTE: Scores/Stages/Lengths/LB Points <= 0 as well as INACTIVE recordings do NOT count toward averages.

Submission Log:

NOTE: Yellow blocks indicate a score that was in 1st place at the time of submission.
UsernameScoreStagesLength LB PointsRank
Skito5,0458 00:21:16.0010.0002
2006-09-20 09:00:55: mess?
Confirmed by gameboy92006-09-23 05:51:11:
Edited by gameboy9 2006-09-23 05:51:08: MESS is not an allowed emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System because FCU Ultra, Famtasia, and UberNES are superior to MESS.
This recording will be allowed the one time, however, because of the common sense rule.
Also, the recording only played back to 5,045. If somebody else plays it back to 5,200, we'll change it back.
Score changed from 5,200 to 5,045
NotMan34,92320 00:55:21.0020.0001
2006-09-18 19:01:21: Ha Ha! GB9 is away for holiday. :P Failed to pass any of World 6. :(
Confirmed by gameboy92006-09-23 06:09:29:
Edited by gameboy9 2006-09-23 06:09:27:
Length changed from 00:55:45.00 to 00:55:21.00
Comment by gameboy92006-09-19 02:06:44: Not quite! I'm not leaving for California for four hours. :P
Won't be able to confirm this until Friday or Saturday... but that's probably just a formality. Well done!
gameboy93,1985 00:12:20.006.0003
2006-09-18 14:31:22:
Confirmed by Skito2006-09-20 09:16:49:
gameboy91,8304 00:07:43.00Inactive1
2006-09-16 09:45:43:
Confirmed by NotMan2006-09-16 20:49:19:
gameboy91,3213 00:05:59.00Inactive1
2006-05-30 15:13:39: grrrrrrrrr
Confirmed by DarkestOfNights2006-05-30 16:49:15:

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