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Game Information:

Name Castlevania - Dracula X (U)
Tournament SNES-Regulation Play
System Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Company Konami
Year Released 1995
Type of Game Adventure
Competition styleMost points, most stages, least time
Sum - Scores142,000
Average - Scores142,000
Sum - Stages7
Average - Stages7.0
Sum - Length00:52:53.00
Average - Length00:52:53.00
Sum - LB Points20.000
Average - LB Points20.000
Lead Changes0

NOTE: Scores/Stages/Lengths/LB Points <= 0 as well as INACTIVE recordings do NOT count toward averages.

Submission Log:

NOTE: Yellow blocks indicate a score that was in 1st place at the time of submission.
UsernameScoreStagesLength LB PointsRank
Kale142,0007 00:52:53.0020.0001
2010-05-03 13:59:12: Finished / default
Did a BAD job with Dracula, but eventually kicked his ass ... also, due of a silly design quirk, you can't see the score, you should save state just before I take the last orb and press the start button ... I've attached a screenshot anyway
Confirmed by gameboy92010-05-03 14:41:05:

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