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Game Information:

Name Miner 2049er
Tournament ColecoVision-Regulation Play
System Colecovision
Company Microfun
Year Released 1983
Type of Game Platform
Competition styleMost points, most stages, least time
Sum - Scores26,405
Average - Scores13,203
Sum - Stages9
Average - Stages4.5
Sum - Length00:12:25.59
Average - Length00:06:12.80
Sum - LB Points30.000
Average - LB Points15.000
Lead Changes1

NOTE: Scores/Stages/Lengths/LB Points <= 0 as well as INACTIVE recordings do NOT count toward averages.

Submission Log:

NOTE: Yellow blocks indicate a score that was in 1st place at the time of submission.
UsernameScoreStagesLength LB PointsRank
Frankie17,5006 00:08:42.6620.0001
2010-09-05 05:52:14: Finally completed Level 6 :)
Comment by Frankie2010-09-05 10:21:59: Everything is possible Chad, however, so far it confuses me LOL
Edited by Skito 2010-09-05 10:08:45:
Length changed from 00:00:00.00 to 00:08:42.66
Confirmed by Skito2010-09-05 10:08:44: very nice. 7 looks possible.
Frankie16,7855 00:00:00.00Inactive1
2010-09-05 02:37:43: I'm getting there :)
Frankie15,6455 00:08:06.23Inactive1
2010-08-15 06:00:35: Level 6 with a score improvement. Enough for today :)
Edited by Skito 2010-08-15 08:25:34:
Length changed from 00:00:00.00 to 00:08:06.23
Confirmed by Skito2010-08-15 08:25:33: wow if i died jumping up on the down eleveator, i would be dead many times :) Amazing play on the 5th.
Frankie14,9655 00:00:00.00Inactive1
2010-08-15 05:43:12: Made it to level 6 :)
Frankie14,3704 00:00:00.00Inactive1
2010-08-15 02:58:35: No lives lost on first four levels, and close on making level 5 on last life...
Frankie13,7004 00:06:58.59Inactive1
2010-08-13 04:36:19: Close but...hmmmm.....
Edited by Skito 2010-08-14 08:12:11:
Length changed from 00:00:00.00 to 00:06:58.59
Confirmed by Skito2010-08-14 08:12:11: Wow great pattern finding! and what an amazinging difficult level 5 is, you made a good effort, it will be really challenging to get all of the slides completed with in the timer.
Frankie11,3604 00:00:00.00Inactive1
2010-08-12 04:46:51: I've not worked out the route for for Level 5 yet :)
Frankie9,8903 00:05:21.69Inactive1
2010-08-11 04:57:43: First 3 levels without dying, but doing that fourth level before the timer runs out??? I don't know :)
Edited by Skito 2010-08-11 08:18:15:
Length changed from 00:00:00.00 to 00:05:21.69
Confirmed by Skito2010-08-11 08:18:15: nice, it will be a challenge to get the 4th, i think it's possible though if you can get the first elevator on the first trip.
Frankie9,2452 00:02:58.23Inactive1
2010-08-10 09:58:30: Kind of annoying, but still fun :)
Comment by Frankie2010-08-11 00:29:10: Don't know what you mean Chad. Can't really remember what happened, other than that it is annoyingly easy to make a wrong move and die in this game :) But I want to complete all the first 3 stages without dying, and it would be easy if it wasn't for that bloody timer :)
Edited by Skito 2010-08-10 23:59:42:
Length changed from 00:00:00.00 to 00:02:58.23
Confirmed by Skito2010-08-10 23:59:42: wow, do you have to die once to successfully finish the third?
Q.T.Quazar8,9053 00:03:42.9310.0002
2010-06-30 09:20:07: Not sure what to do on the 4th...
Confirmed by Skito2010-06-30 13:35:26: that's harsh, not being able to fall a few feet IF you jump. I guess you have to go up the ladder avoiding a monster. If i could get the coleco joystick to work (do you use the number pad somehow) i would give it a try.
Comment by Skito2010-07-01 05:19:28: tried the arrow keys but am having trouble getting left to work, it goes right and up and down but not left...
Comment by Q.T.Quazar2010-06-30 21:02:38: gawd no... i use the arrow keys... you need the numbers for the elevator though. i know some other games DO need the keypad, but i hate using it, and i hated using it on the original system (not to mention it's attached joystick). i never played Colecovision with the joystick only, since i bought one for my brother sometime in the mid-'90s.

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