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Game Information:

Name Midnight Magic
Tournament Atari 2600-Regulation Play
System Atari 2600
Company Atari
Year Released 1984
Type of Game Pinball
Competition styleMost points, most stages, least time
Sum - Scores162,050
Average - Scores81,025
Sum - Length00:07:07.04
Average - Length00:03:33.52
Sum - LB Points30.000
Average - LB Points15.000
Lead Changes0

NOTE: Scores/Stages/Lengths/LB Points <= 0 as well as INACTIVE recordings do NOT count toward averages.

Submission Log:

NOTE: Yellow blocks indicate a score that was in 1st place at the time of submission.
UsernameScoreStagesLength LB PointsRank
Skito22,3500 00:02:18.3810.0002
2010-06-28 14:32:45: test recording, this recording does not playback when i use FS11, but it does when i use FS0, throttling no difference.
Confirmed by Q.T.Quazar2010-06-28 14:45:20: No problems playing it back whatsoever.
Comment by Skito2010-06-28 16:56:58: note i was using wolf137 to playback your stuff...
Comment by Skito2010-06-28 15:46:58: could you try a test recording with 0.138 and send to me? yours just don't playback for me from the git go (it's like i was using frameskiping but i'm not when i attempt to playback your recordings...)
Q.T.Quazar139,7000 00:04:48.6620.0001
2010-06-28 09:23:55: AA dips. Since skito and I seem unable to solve my last .inp, here's a new one. Recorded on Midnight Magic (1984) (Atari), CRC32=5C5447B9.
UN-Confirmed by Skito2010-06-28 13:48:31: intriguing, this must be an emulation problem then, or one of us has a corrupted a26 that happens to have the same crc=5c5447b9, my sha1sum of the same image is 7fcf95459ea597a332bf5b6f56c8f891307b45b4.
Comment by Q.T.Quazar2010-06-28 14:03:51: not good. my sha1sum matches that exactly. i also have a backup copy of the .a26 file archived, and it exactly matches, so corruption is unlikely.
Comment by Skito2010-06-28 13:57:54: Note: I can playback my own recordings with the image i have as well.. hmm I'll try to submit one that i can actually do good on so it won't be confused with a bad recording.
Q.T.Quazar28,6300 00:00:00.00Inactive1
2010-06-06 06:28:52: AA dips. One of the amazing inventions of the 1990s was physics.
UN-Confirmed by Skito2010-06-27 08:04:23: another invention was the crc!!!! :) Does not play in any of the 6 versions i have in Good (3.14)
and more specifically not the main NTSC version crc=5C5447B9 nor the (PAL) [!] version crc crc=6CF038FA
Comment by Q.T.Quazar2010-06-28 09:26:57: I just checked again. CRC matches. No problems playing it back. I'd say we have an issue. Can gb9 or Barry play it?
Comment by Skito2010-06-28 08:29:35: checked my NTSC three times now (5c5447b9) ball never hits flipper, have you double checked the crc of your used Midnight Magic image?
Comment by Q.T.Quazar2010-06-27 09:03:53: there is nothing wrong with this recording. played back fine, just now, throttling on or off. CRC is as described in the list i gave you: CRC32=5C5447B9

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